A new way of experiencing the city.

Loop reinvents urban mobility. You can make short trips in less time by reducing traffic congestion, noise and pollution.


in freedom!

Download the APP and in a few steps you can move in absolute freedom.


Use Loop at a clear and transparent rate!

1 €

to unlock
the scooter

0.15 €

cost per minute
during use

0.05 €

cost per minute
if you pause it

How to use Loop safely

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Why choose Loop

Integrated color display

Front and rear LED lighting

10 ″ tubeless wheels

Large platform to guarantee greater stability and safety

For a mobility
100% sustainable

By using Loop you contribute to minimizing the impact on the environment and actively participate in making our cities more livable, reducing traffic, pollution and improving air quality.

Green energy

100% electric, zero emissions.

Nature thanks

Each kilometer traveled allows a reduction of 60 times the CO2 emission in the air compared to the use of a traditional car.

Less noise pollution

Pleasantly silent, its effective use to reduce the noise pollution.

Less traffic and parked cars

We reconquer our spaces with freer and livable cities.

Where you find Loop